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Jolly International Preschool is the first pre-school educational institution for children, which has no analogues in Kyrgyzstan, and where children from 1.5 years old to 7 years old study both in Russian and in English. The unique peculiarity of our institution is that we are the only pre-school institution in Kyrgyzstan included in the IPC international educational program approved by the USA National Association Of Pre-school Education and other international accreditation agencies.

Jolly International Preschool

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So, what is our “kindergarten”? It is an innovative institution with the bes Learn more

  • Creative architecture of a building
  • Modern european equipment
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Full methodological support of educational process
  • Massage
  • Variability of services
  • Groups up to 12 children
  • Capacity – 96 children
  • The total area - 1200 м²
  • The total territory - 15 acres
  • Salt room
  • Delivery of children
Design and architecture
Jolly International Preschool

Original design solution in the architecture of the building of our kindergarten very brightly stands among other buildings and creates the unique atmosphere of creativity and comfort in which children grow up.

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Jolly International Preschool Teachers

Polo­to­va Eliza Omur­be­kov­na

mental arithmetic teacher

Hludee­va Irina Alex­and­rov­na


Libon Yang San

nursery Teacher

Kara­sar­to­va Aige­rim Shailo­be­kov­na


Jeva­gi­na Kris­ti­na Vladi­mi­rov­na

music teacher

Siren­ko Anasta­sia Mikhai­lov­na

nursery teacher

Educational program and curriculum


We are the only pre-school education institution in Kyrgyzstan included in the international educational program IPC, approved by the USA National Association Of Pre-school ...

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"From birth to school"

The basic educational program of our kindergarten is the Russian Program “From Birth To School”, which is an innovative general educational program document for pre-scho...

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"First Steps"

The program is based on the modern scientific ideas about the laws of child’s mental development at an early age, the leading role of the objective activity and communicat...

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Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a multisensory method developed so that adults could easily and confidently help children even after the hard day.

Authors of Jolly Phonics are Susan...

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The curriculum

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Extra classes

During the training children improve breathing technique...
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Mental arithmetic
is a unique method of development of mental abilities for children from 5 to 16 years old...
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In comparison with other types of physical exercises, yoga is the most careful...
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Rhythmic gymnastics
regular rhythmic gymnastics classes will form the posture, develop musical...
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About food and nutrition in JIP
Every parent is worried about what does his child eat in kindergarten and their worries are understandable. We want to assure all mothers and fathers that in our kindergarten Jolly International Preschool we have a balanced 4-times feeding in accordance with all the recommendations of Research Institute of Nutrition, Moscow city.
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