"Jolly International Preschool"

  • IPC Program International Education License
  • Certified educators from England, South Korea and India.
  • 9 Bonus services as a gift: mental arithmetic, choreography, speech therapist, teacher - psychologist, preventive massage, KOF, UHF, oxygen cocktails, salt room
  • Additional education: chess, rhythmic gymnastics, piano, swimming, aikido, fly yoga, English Drama Class

About us

Jolly International Preschool — The total area of our institution is 1200m2, and the total capacity of the kindergarten is 96 children. It should be noted that the groups are formed up to 12 people, and for each group there are 2-3 employees: the tutor and the assistants. The uniqueness of our kindergarten lies in the fact that we have become the only pre-school institution in Kyrgyzstan included in the IPC International Educational Program, approved by the US National Preschool Education Association and other international accreditation agencies.

Bilingual environment

Education in English and Russian according to IPC programme


In the morning to 8.30 am and after 18.00 pm in the evening

Monthly trainings

With a child psychologist for parents. With leading domestic and foreign educators to enhance the professional competence of employees


Regular pediatrician, daily physical, preventive procedures

Balanced nutrition

5 meals a day, taking into account all the recommendations of the Research Institute of Nutrition, Moscow. The rules established by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Hobby groups and extra classes

Chess Club, Piano, Martial Aikido, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Fly- yoga, English Drama Class, swimming

Extra classes

Educational program and curriculum


The IPC International Preschool Curriculum is aimed at raising global standards in pre-school education. In the future, children studied upon this program have the right to enroll in any international school. The IPC license is proof of our compliance with strict international standards in the field of education, teacher qualifications, conditions of education and children's safety.

"From birth to school"

The Russian program "FROM BIRTH TO SCHOOL" is the basic educational program of our kindergarten. The program is developed in accordance with the current federal state educational standards (FSES 2013). The evaluative function of education is put in the forefront in the program, where the teacher is guided by the individual characteristics of the child. The program is based on the positions of the humane-personal attitude to the child and is aimed at its all-round development, as well as the formation of spiritual and universal values.

"First Steps"

The program “THE FIRST STEPS” is based on the principles of personality-oriented education, which implies the recognition of the inherent value of each age period of a person’s life. At the foreground of the program is respect for the child’s personality, the creation of conditions for the development of his activity, leadership and creativity. This program includes the rich heritage of folk pedagogy, the experience of domestic and foreign teachers in the field of education of young children.

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics – unusual way to learn English reading and writing. This is a multisensory and at the same time entertaining method of synthetic phonics used to teach the sounds of the English language. Children who study according to this scheme, already a year later, are ahead of their chronological age, as well as their peers, by an average of 12 months. Moreover, both boys and girls succeed equally.

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    Meet the teachers of Jolly International Preschool

    • Nagibova Anna Alexandrovna

      Teacher's Assistant

    • Karasartova Aigerim Shaylobekovna

      Pediatrist (doctor for children)

    • Hludeeva Irina Aleksandrovna

      Speech therapist and educational psychologist

    • Tsybova Elena Nikolavena


    of Jolly International Preschool

    Matamarova Indira Boronchievna

    Dear friends, we welcome you to the international preschool website of the educational organization «Jolly International Preschool»!

    What makes «Our Kindergarten» unique? This is a concern for parents! Cooperation and mutual respect are the main principals of interaction our team with parents! Individual counseling, Parent school, joint creative projects help everyone to feel like members of the same family JOLLY! We invite you to join our large and friendly family to keep abreast of all our events, holidays and traditions! I wish good health and kindness to all visitors of this website. Stay with us and take part in our meetings for many years!

    • Arcelle Tadena

      English group teacher

    • Libon Yang San

      IPC teacher

    • Bazakechov Esenbek Moldobaevich

      Chess teacher

    • Alshanova Asalya Abdusamatovna

      Teacher's Assistant

    • Bagdaur Victoria Vladimirovna

      Teacher's Assistant

    • Garmysheva Elena Gennadievna

      Nursery teacher

    • Ashimova Nurzada Musabaevna

      Nursery teacher

    • Dzholdosheva Kulbayran Murzabaevna

      Teacher's Assistant

    • Zalilova Natalya Aleksandrovna

      Nursery teacher

    • Sorokina Oksana Gennadevna

      Nursery teacher

    • Semibratova Irina Nikolaevna

      Teacher's Assistant